Welcome to Our 2024 Post Secondary Summer Students!

Would like to welcome our two post secondary summer students: Nikko Hunt and Shaedon Wolf Child to Siksika Health Services. Their official titles are “Community Wellness HOPE Team Assistants”, and their job is to provide leadership and coordination for community events and youth suicide prevention programs, in collaboration with existing Community Wellness programming.

Thus far, we’ve been so grateful to have Nikko and Shaedon involved in the “Reconnecting After Dark” Sober Summer Kick off event, and the Calgary Surge Indigenous Heritage basketball game in Calgary. They are also assisting with the Siksika T-ball Program.

There are a few events on the horizon for which our post-secondary summer students will play a huge role: the Run As One Youth Awareness week, Wellness Outdoors Land-Based Activities for Youth, First Nations Health Consortium’s Youth Teepee Summit, and many more. We are excited for their enthusiasm and will count on their superb ability to engage and work in a meaningful, supportive, manner with community members and youth of Siksika!

Nikko Hunt, a current student at the University of Lethbridge, is joining the Siksika Health Services Hope Team as an assistant this summer. Nikko is going into her third year of university, attaining her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Drama Performance. She hopes to get an Education After-Degree once she has completed her current program.

So far in her degree, Nikko has participated as an actor in two of the University’s Mainstage productions, one of which was the first Indigenous-created productions at the University called Yisstsiiyi. Nikko is also scheduled to be a part of another Mainstage this fall, called alterNatives by Drew Hayden Taylor.

Nikko’s passion lies in theatre, performance, playwrighting, and other creative art forms. She hopes that in the future she can share this passion in a classroom of her own. Nikko is excited to be working with the Hope Team and looks forward to the many experiences she will have that will help her develop useful skills for her career. She is determined to serve both the Hope Team and the community well.

Oki, niistoo niitaniiko Maasaamii’poo’takii, Niiksista Annista Miisins’kai’kii, ninna Annistaapaa’tssi’taa.

Shaedon Wolf Child, daughter of Joset Melting Tallow (Niiksista Annista) and Eddie Wolf Child (Annistaapaa’tssi’taa) is 21 years old, and is a dedicated Bachelor of Education student at Mount Royal University. With two years of academic experience at MRU pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English, Shaedon is now embarking on her first year in the Education program, majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Indigenous Studies, starting in the Fall of 2024.

Shaedon aspires to earn her B.Ed. and fulfill her passion for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) internationally, with hopes of working in diverse regions such as Mexico, Europe, and Asia. Her educational journey, marked by both challenges and triumphs, fuels her ambition to inspire and motivate young people to pursue their dreams and believe in their potential. In the summer of 2024, Shaedon was honored to join the Hope team, where she is committed to supporting the community with compassion and promoting wellness.