Programs & Services Spommihta

Siksika Health Services (SHS) is a leader in providing quality, holistic health care to our members and restoring a state of wellness through accountable and efficient service delivery as recognized by Accreditation Canada since 2005. With a population of almost 8,000 people, Siksika Nation relies on Siksika Health Services as a primary service provider.

Prior to Siksika Health Services, a 15 bed Blackfoot Indian Hospital provided health care to Siksika Nation and was utilized as well by the surrounding community. Medical staff of physicians and nurses visited homes of families to treat the sick and dispense medication. From the 1924 Blackfoot Indian Hospital to the new health center built in 2007, Siksika is one of the most technologically advanced and progressive First Nation communities in Canada. SHS has a number of partnerships that assist in promoting the health and welfare of the Nation. Building these resources and partnerships is an important part of our strategic planning to assist with helping our people.