Community Health

Oki! Siksika Community Health provides health promotion, disease-prevention, and health condition management services for Siksika Nation and surrounding areas. Programs include infant and school immunizations, maternal-child supports, prenatal nutrition programs, diabetes initiatives, sexual health services, tuberculosis screening, water monitoring, and population health initiatives, all which are reflective of traditional values and beliefs of Siksikawa.

To contact Siksika Community Health, please call 403-734-5695

Hours of operation are 9:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday.


Immunization Programs

Education and immunization program strategies, with the aim being high vaccine coverage for all Siksika Nation members, are implemented to reduce and/or eliminate vaccine-preventable diseases. Routine childhood immunizations are a major component of the Community Health Nursing program. Immunizations are also offered in specific situations, for example, annual influenza vaccine.

Immunization activities include:
  • Well Baby Clinics;
  • Preschool Screening Clinics;
  • School Immunization Programs;
  • Seasonal Influenza Clinics;
  • COVID-19 vaccine immunization clinics;
  • Safe immunization of our Elders, and those at high risk and/or with chronic conditions.

Immunizations are recorded via the Community Health & Immunization Program (“CHIP”), a centralized, easy-to-track system for recording vaccinations electronically. CHIP enables Siksika Community Health to communicate with Alberta’s provincial health registry, thereby creating a complete record of a patient’s immunization that is viewable in any clinic that also uses CHIP.

Siksika Nation consistently has some of the highest immunization coverages rates of any community in Canada!

Pre/Post-Natal Programs

Siksika Community Health’s pre- and post-natal programs create a supportive environment for all expectant parents and families to enhance their knowledge, strengthen their support systems, and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Activities include:

  • Nutritional counselling in group settings, or on an individual basis;
  • Monthly nutrition voucher program;
  • Seven week pre/post-natal courses
  • Infant nutrition program;
  • Ages & Stages screening program;
  • CPR certification course;
  • Immunization program;
  • Breastfeeding support.

Maternal/Child Health Programs

Siksika Community Health’s maternal/child health programs aim to improve birth outcomes and maximize child development by enhancing access to services for children. The program offers support systems and activities that:

  • Strengthen the unity of the community and preserve and promote understanding of cultural values by implementing culturally relevant content on family health;
  • Build a strong support system for families through partnerships with other agencies and programs;
  • Ensure program services meet the needs of families and empower families to participate in achieving desired outcomes;
  • Provide education to other agencies and programs to increase cultural awareness through traditional parenting programs and cultural resources within the Siksika Community.

Environmental Health Program

Health promotion, issues reporting, and follow-up on environmental concerns are critical in promoting good health amongst Siksika Nation members. Environmental health activities include carrying out environmental inspections, and implementing control measures in various settings and community events.

Areas covered include:
  • Health promotion about communicable diseases;
  • Water Quality Monitoring Program;
  • Housing and public facilities inspections;
  • Environmental contaminants/sewage monitoring;
  • Food quality/safety monitoring.

Home health concerns are addressed through a joint process between Siksika Nation Community Health and Siksika Nation Housing. An agreement was developed between the two departments to establish a joint inspection process for all home inspections completed in Siksika. Any issues are forwarded to the Environmental Health Program. In any case of reported environmental health issues, client health needs are assessed, education is provided, and appropriate referrals (Environmental Health Officer, physicians, etc.) are made. 

Diabetes Program

Siksika Health’s Diabetes Initiative aims to reduce and prevent diabetes and its complications through education and awareness, to enhance the health and wellbeing of Siksika Nation members. Programming and services include diabetes follow-up, Retinopathy screening, kidney health promotion, and access to a Dietitian.

The Diabetes Program is run by Certified Diabetes Educators who offer educational Classes and weekly support groups regarding diabetes awareness and education. Topics include diabetes basics; diabetes and food choices; diabetic neuropathy; diabetes and exercise; diabetic nephropathy; glycemic index; goal setting; heart health; diabetes and nutrition; and grocery store tour.

Ask your family doctor about Siksika Health’s Diabetes Program. Appointments with a Registered Dietician are available with a referral from a medical doctor or nurse practitioner. Call 403-734-5630.