Matrix Graduates Shine: Empowering Success Stories

Vanessa Doore, B.HSc. – Addictions Team Leader

The Addictions program has been undergoing the restructuring of our service deliveries; the new framework includes evidence-based practices that prioritizes the needs of the clients by incorporating an evidence based model for recovery; “Stages of Change”. Rather than focusing on the immediate addiction, this model focuses on changing the behavioral of the individual to address the addiction.

Substance abuse and addiction is an individualized disease; therefore, the treatment programs are designed specifically to address each clients’ needs. The focus is to establish a relationship with the client and providing them with one-on-one support throughout their recovery journey. This program was designed utilizing evidence-based interventions and traditional models to provide a comprehensive holistic treatment- a mind, body, and spirit focus. The 16-week outpatient Matrix program is one of the recovery programs that our services implemented to support the preparation & maintenance stage of recovery.  The Matrix Model combines a variety of behavioral therapies to promote positive and healthy changes to an individual’s thoughts and behaviors that lead to substance abuse. The Matrix program incorporates cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), contingency management, 12-step support groups, motivational interviewing, and family therapy.

We are pleased to announce that we had 16 clients complete the first 16-week Matrix Outreach program. To register the for the fall Matrix session please call the Addictions team at (403) 734-5687.