Meet the therapists of Siksika Mental Health Services: Conclusion

The role of a therapist is to jump into the client’s world, and support them in walking out towards healing.

Therapists don’t give advice, because this would require them to base their input on their own experience. Their role is to support a person through their experience, and journey with them towards healing

Meet some of our Siksika Mental Health Therapists!

Sally Acquah – Registered Clinical Therapist

My name is Sally Acquah. I was born in Ghana (West Africa), grew up in France, and have lived in Calgary for 15 years. I love the ocean, and I am a foodie😊 

My educational background is in Social Work with a Clinical specialization. I pursued this career because I genuinely believe life’s trauma, complex losses and challenges can alter our perception and stories as people. My hope has always been to support individuals and families to acknowledge, process and see beyond the pain as they create healing stories that last for generations.  

The work done by our mental health therapists can sometimes be unseen, but it vital to the care of Siksika Health Services’ clients and Siksika Nation members.

Siksika Mental Health is a safe space for everyone. We use various therapeutic modalities to support individuals based on their needs. We integrate traditional practice should an individual request an Elder. Furthermore, we will assist individuals in acquiring the support they need should our service not meet their needs. There is never a better day to start the journey than today- take the step; we are here to support you- what is your story?

Samuel Acquah – Registered Psychologist

Samuel is a Provisional School Psychologist who is dedicated to serving and contributing to the mental well-being of children, adolescents, and their families. Throughout his career and educational journey, Samuel has been involved in programs that support children’s behavior development. His role has been to assist many children and youth in achieving their behavior and academic goals through therapeutic relationships, role modeling, and mentorship. Samuel is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of children, and this is evident in his work.

Samuel holds a Master’s degree in Applied Developmental Psychology and a Master’s degree in School Psychology and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. With his expertise in psychoeducational assessments, Samuel is skilled in assessing learning disorders, ADHD, ASD, and other conditions. Moreover, he provides individual and group counseling to children and adolescents who are dealing with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and behavioral difficulties, among other related challenges.

Samuel’s commitment to his profession is evident in his work, and his credentials speak for themselves. He is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to support children and adolescents in achieving their full potential.

Sue Humphrey – Registered Psychology

I live in Calgary with my husband and have three grown children and a delightful grandson. My passion is spending time with my family and being outdoors, engaged in many activities as well as just sitting quiet in nature.  

I pursued a career in psychology because of my endless curiosity to listen, learn and find solutions that can enable others to thrive. While in university I worked summers in a mental health setting, which gave me awareness and inspired me to become a psychologist. 

Siksika Mental Health recognizes the strengths that all individuals bring and how to build self-awareness from a growth mindset. Distress and daily challenges are seen as something to overcome with strategies and determination. 

Brittany Travis – Registered Psychologist

Brittany is a Registered Psychologist who has been practicing with Indigenous clients since 2011. Brittany started her career working in isolated First Nation communities in northern Alberta and has been working in Siksika since 2020, she predominantly works with school-age populations, at Chief Old Sun School and Siksika Nation High School. Brittany is a compassionate, creative, client-focused psychologist who enjoys collaborating with her clients while blending evidence-based therapeutic principles and strategies that meet her client’s needs. Brittany draws techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy and play therapy. Her areas of interest include depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief with children, adolescents and adults.

Brittany chose a career in counselling psychology in order to positively impact the lives of youth by assisting them in overcoming various obstacles, including mental health concerns, familial disputes, school difficulties, and societal pressures. By offering encouragement, direction, and techniques for coping, Brittany aims to foster resilience and empower young people to achieve their maximum potential. Brittany strongly believes in supporting young people as they navigate their challenges, recognizing that they are the future and deserve the opportunity to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. 

Cultural sensitivity and trust are vital aspects of Siksika Mental Health Services. Mental health therapists prioritize cultural competence, respecting and understanding the unique cultural context of the Siksika Nation members, and incorporating traditional healing methods and practices when requested. Our team of mental health therapists is committed to maintaining confidentiality and building trust with clients by establishing a secure environment in which individuals feel at ease seeking assistance and discussing their concerns. Our goal is to create a non-judgmental and accepting atmosphere that enables anyone seeking counselling services to access the support they need without fear of stigma. 

Katrina Hewton-Backfat

Oki, my name is Katrina, and I am a registered Psychologist. My Blackfoot name is Ni’tainahmahakii (One Gun Woman) and it was passed down to me by my late aunt, Esther, who was named by Mark Wolfleg. My grandparents are Philip and Jean Backfat, I have 4 sisters and I have Irish and Scottish heritage on my dad’s side. I was born and raised in Calgary, where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Counselling degree at City University of Seattle. 

I pursued a career in counselling because I have lived and witnessed the impacts of trauma within our communities. I have always had an interest in mental health and believe that one of my gifts is to walk alongside individuals in their healing journey. I believe that it is important for there to be representation of Indigenous psychologists, especially working with the youth. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to witness the strengths and immense gifts that our people have through my work.

Dr. Quintina Bearchief-Adolpho

Oki, nisto’akoaka Naatoyaimoniisaakii, also known as Dr. Quintina Bearchief-Adolpho, PhD. My parents are the late Clement and Theresa Bear-Chief. I’ve been married to Robert Kaanoiakapuuwai Adolpho for twenty-eight years, and together, we have six children and six grandchildren.

My bachelor’s degree is in Human Development. My first master’s degree is in School Counseling and the other is in School Psychology. My PhD is in Counseling Psychology. I have worked in the profession of counselling and psychology for over twenty years. I also served my nation as a council member for Siksika Nation Chief and Council. I’m currently the Mental Health and Wellness Clinical Team Leader for Siksika Health Services. As the Clinical Team Leader, I am responsible for developing the Mental Health Counselling Services for the Nation. 

I grew up hearing Blackfoot stories and have utilized the lessons taught in these stories to guide my life personally and professionally. One story I consistently use in my life is about the sun and the moon. Essentially, the story teaches that the Father, represented by the Sun, rises every day on the horizon in the east and sets every evening on the horizon on the west, unvarying in His course from day to day and year to year. He is stable, unchangeable, reliable, and predictable. The Mother, represented by the Moon, changes each day. She waxes and wanes. She does not just move from east to west, but the moonrise also constantly moves in the opposite direction from west to east. Every day She reappears further to the east before beginning Her movement to the west. The sun and moon work together for us to exist on earth.  We learn from the sun and moon that we each have a vital role to play, making it important for all of us to work together. When we work together, harmony takes place.