Every Child Matters Calgary Hitmen Game Thank-You

Thank you, Siksika, for joining us at this year’s Every Child Matters hockey game, and for celebrating this year’s theme of HOPE: Hope, Opportunity, Pathway, Empowerment, with a special focus on youth. Your support is truly what makes this event possible. Together we can create and support a hopeful future for our young people.

First Nations youth, and youth of all backgrounds are our collective future. Their hope is our hope. And when they are empowered with opportunities and pathways to pursue those opportunities, we all win.

The annual Every Child Matters hockey game is not just a sporting event, but a celebration of hope, unity, and commitment to the well-being of our youth. Of ALL of our youth.

“Yesterday was a fantastic day with Siksika Health and the Calgary Hitmen hockey team, it was the 4th year they worked together on the Every Child Matters game with the Moose Jaw Warriors. It was an outstanding success, a big shout out to both organizations for a truly inspiring day bring us hope and empowerment to all in attendances, huge turnout of people attended were. I spoke to the players again before the game, and bestowed two players with Blackfoot names in the dressing room. Butch Wolf Leg and Eldon Weasel Child did a phenomenal job doing the play by play in the broadcast booth again. I contributed with the colourful analyst at times very humorous; all three of us kept the people glued to their radios, very entertaining. Thank you all for your work. The dancers and singers were just sensational – wow it made us proud to be First Nations people. Years ago they tried to stop our songs and dances, but we’re still speaking our mother tongue and we’re still singing and dancing. Great job to all the volunteers.”

~ Former Chief Vincent Yellow Old Woman