What To Do When The Advisory is Over

Once a Drinking Water Advisory is lifted, you need to flush, clean, and sanitize the following:

  • Water pipes
  • Water treatment devices
  • Plumbed appliances
  • Water storage tanks

Before you use water in your home:

• Remove all aerator or screen devices from faucets
• Run hot and cold water faucets for at least five minutes before you use them.
• If you live in an apartment or condominium, run all faucets for at least five minutes, until the water is clear and any air in the plumbing has been released.
• Rinse out any sediment or debris from the aerator or screen devices and put them back on the faucet.
• Flush, clean, and sanitize appliances with water line connections (e.g., fridges with water and ice dispensers) following manufacturer’s instructions.
• Disinfect water filtration devices following manufacturer’s instructions.
• Run your water softener through a regeneration cycle following manufacturer’s instructions.
• Replace filters on any tap water filtration devices, and flush the fixture according to the manufacturer’s directions
• Hot water heaters and hot water heating systems may require that water be drained to get rid of any sediment.
• If your hot water heater was set below 45 °C, drain and refill the tank.

For questions or more info, please feel free to contact Public Works at 403-499-8819, Environmental Health at 780-719-8782, or Siksika Health Services at 403-376-1732 for emergency purposes.