Meet the Siksika Addictions Services Team

Addictions Services at Siksika Health incorporates harm reduction tools to support recovery and relapse. This includes supports to access detox, treatment options and individual/group counselling.

The Addictions Team is a dedicated and compassionate group of professionals committed to helping individuals overcome addiction and find their path to recovery. Whether you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, alcohol addiction, or other compulsive behaviours, our team is here to provide the support, guidance, and expertise needed to initiate and sustain the journey toward a healthier, addiction-free life. Learn more about the team below:

Vanessa Doore, B.HSc.

Oki my name is Vanessa Doore and I am the Program Lead for the Addictions and FASD programs with the Community Wellness Service Area. I received my Bachelor of Health Sciences in Addictions & Mental Health, from the University of Lethbridge in 2005. I am a wife, mother, daughter, aunt and sister.  

My work experience includes prevention and intervention work in the field of Addictions and FASD. My involvement in Addictions has been a passionate journey of developing emerging grassroots initiatives that support the continuum of care for First Nation communities. Being an advocate and mentor in the Addictions and FASD field has brought new insight into delivering programs and services to embrace an indigenous lens. Addiction is a challenging walk, but seeing how services and programs impact individuals and families makes the job more meaningful. The opposite of Addiction is Connection; this speaks to the framework of the Addictions program; the reconnecting of relationships is essential to the work the program provides to the Siksika Nation Community.

Craig Bear Chief

Oki. My name is Craig Bear Chief and I am currently the Senior Case manager. I have worked for the Siksika Addictions team for the last 6 years. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Counselling and a Diploma in Addictions. I enjoy working with families and individuals on and off the Nation that require Treatment and other support programs we offer. My role has changed from taking a caseload as an Addiction Worker to overseeing the day-to-day operations of the addiction team. After our first meeting, I do Intake and help introduce the workers and clients. As an Addiction Team, I ensure we follow the new Integrated Mental Health and Addictions Model.

This means making sure we are meeting the clients where they are and working with the client according to The Stages of Change Model. It is my job to gather all this information that the workers report to me and prepare all monthly stats for the Addiction Team Leader. I also help develop other Addiction Programs (AA, NA, 16 Week Youth Matrix Program, and Family Education on Addictions) to assist the community further. It is also my responsibility to do the Worker Performance evaluation yearly.

Samantha Wolfchild

OKI Siksika, my name is Samantha Wolfchild. I’m a mother of three and a Piikani Family Services foster parent. My parents are George Ayoungman and Katie Albertine Wolfchild. My grandparents Harry Ayoungman & Doris Owlchild, Robert Wolfchild & Hazal Blackrider. I’m an addictions counsellor and support worker for the nation. I have recently moved home to Siksika last year to work on the reserve. I have completed my legal assistance Diploma and can help with a divorce or family law. I finished my diploma at Bow Valley College in 2017, a Child and Youth Worker Certificate at Riel Institute, and then went for my addictions counsellor and support worker diploma soon after. I pursued this field so I could come home and help our people with their struggles with addictions. As a team, we support the community by helping them with home detox and getting into treatment. Also, the most crucial part is Building a relationship and trust with our clients. We are here to be by them every step of their sobriety journey! As Addictions Support Worker, we also provide traditional group sessions, Matrix group sessions, treatment preparation, case planning, community programming and outreach services.

Merlon Doore

OKI, my name is Merlon Doore. I’m a father, step-father and grandfather, and I’m an Addiction Support Worker with the Community Wellness Team. My job here is supporting the addition team to get clients to detox. The client has to make that call for themselves, and when they get in, I can transport them to whichever Detox they have chosen for themselves.  I also help clients get into treatment centres, and I’ve succeeded in getting a few clients into treatment. I also transport for treatment.  I have a kind heart, which helps in dealing with people.  You must have compassion, kindness, and feelings to work in this field.  Speaking fluent Blackfoot allows us to communicate with our older people.  I also help clients get into after-treatment trailers if they have succeeded with their treatment and have nowhere to go.  I’m also involved with the Matrix program, which will be starting in January. We have lost too many people to addiction, and we need to help them.  We also meet individuals on a one-to-one basis. . 

Doyle Crowshoe

I’taammiksistsiko, nistowa nitaniko “Nisamminanska”(Long time medicine pipe holder), my Blackfoot name was given to me by “Doki”, who was my grandpa Jack Crowshoe’s friend from Siksika. My English name is Doyle Crowshoe, and I’m 63 years old and have had many careers I recently went back to school and received my Diploma in Addictions. My goal is to inspire Blackfoot people of all ages, especially the more “Vintage,” to pursue further Education in their desired field. However, no matter your age, “You can do It” if you put your mind to it. I want to mention that our Addictions Team is here to listen and help all members in their Healing plans and assist or guide the individual to the knowledge needed for their Addiction recovery. They can recover their family, community, and Nation by healing themselves. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the service in the Health and Wellness in your neighbourhood, “Siksika,” Doyle Crowshoe.