Meet Katrina Hewton (Backfat): Siksika Registered Psychologist

Katrina (Ni’tainahmahakii) is a registered psychologist from Siksika Nation. She is from the Backfat family (grandparents Philip and Jean). She was born and raised in Calgary, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and the Master of Counselling program at City University of Seattle. Her parents are Ron and Betty and she has 4 sisters: Gisele, Candace, Latisha and Fawn. 

Katrina has a background of working in areas of crisis, sexual violence, and addiction. Her work as a psychologist is based on understanding trauma from an Indigenous way of knowing and integrating diverse ways of healing. She works primarily with adults and youth (12+) and enjoys working from a spiritual and relational lens. 

Why did you pursue a career in psychology? 

I pursued a career in counselling because I have lived and witnessed the impacts of trauma within our communities. Mental health is one aspect of healing that I believe I can contribute to and, as I always tell my youth clients, I know that having a Blackfoot psychologist could have made a huge difference in my life growing up. I think it’s really important for our community to have options and seek out a counsellor that is a good fit for them. 

I am a Christian and I also follow our traditional ways. I believe that faith and spirituality can play a really important role in our connection to our selves, Creator and others. I try to integrate this spirituality into the work that I do. 

Mistaki Kakato’sooyis

Katrina currently works out of her tiny office on the West End of Siksika Nation. This location provides her with the opportunity to integrate connection to land as a form of healing. If you identify as Indigenous, you may be eligible for coverage through Indigenous Services Canada under NIHB/Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support program/MMIWG2+ support. For more information you can visit: or text/call 825-733-7548.

It was named by Elder Mike Bruised Head as Mistaki Kakato’sooyis (Mountain Star Lodge).