Dr. Quintina Bearchief-Adolpho Appointed to Psychologists Association of Alberta Board of Directors

Siksika Health Services is proud to share that Dr. Quintina Bearchief-Adolpho has been appointed to the Psychologists Association of Alberta Board of Directors.

The Mission of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta is to advance the science-based profession of psychology and to promote the well-being and potential of all Albertans.

About Dr. Bearchief-Adolpho

Naatoyaimoniisaakii, Dr. Quintina Bearchief-Adolpho, PhD is a Siksika Nation member. Her parents are the late Clement and Theresa Bearchief. She has been married to Robert Kaanoiakapuuwai Adolpho for twenty-eight years, and together they have six children and five grandchildren (soon to be six). 

Dr. Q has a bachelor’s degree in Human Development. Her first master’s degree is in School Counseling and the other is in School Psychology. Her PhD is in Counseling Psychology. She has worked in the profession of counselling and psychology for over twenty years. Dr. Q also served as a council member for Siksika Nation Chief and Council. She is currently the Mental Health and Wellness Clinical Team Leader for Siksika Health Services. As the Clinical Team Leader, she is responsible for developing the Mental Health Counselling Services for the Nation. 

“I grew up hearing Blackfoot stories and have utilized the lessons taught in these stories to guide my life personally and professionally, says Dr. Q.

“One story I consistently use in my life is about the sun and the moon. Essentially the story teaches: The Father, represented by the Sun, rises every day on the horizon in the east and sets every evening on the horizon on the west, unvarying in His course from day-to-day and year-to-year. He is stable, unchangeable, reliable, and predictable. The Mother, represented by the Moon, changes each day. She waxes and wanes. She does not just move from east to west, but the moonrise also constantly moves in the opposite direction from west to east. Every day She reappears further to the east before beginning Her movement to the west. The sun and moon work together for us to exist on earth.  We learn from the sun and moon, that we each have a vital role to play making it important for all of us to work together. When we work together, harmony takes place.”