A Message From Chief Ouray Crowfoot

Oki Siksika,

The devastating impacts of opioid drug overdoses have put our brothers and sisters to the south in a crisis situation, just yesterday announcing continuation of their local state of emergency against the opioid crisis. Having declared this disaster state on April 17, Siksika Nation extends our ongoing support and prayers, and we stand in unity with the Blood Tribe at this time.

Our own community of Siksika Nation is not unaffected by this crisis situation; the same tainted drug supply in circulation on Kainai Nation may also be present within Siksika, and I urge Siksikawa to exercise extreme caution:

  • have a plan if you are using drugs alone, as this hugely increases the risk of extreme outcomes from overdose, should an overdose occur. Inform a trusted person about your location and use.
  • please check in on your family and friends.
  • ensure you have a naloxone/narcan kit on-hand and that you know how to use it, so that you are able to administer its potentially life-saving effects if you happen to witness an opioid overdose. Naloxone kits are available free of charge at locations across Siksika, including at the Siksika Health & Wellness Centre and Siksika Support Centre.
  • in case of an overdose or drug poisoning of any kind, call 911 immediately as naloxone/narcan is not effective for all drugs.

As Chief of Siksika Nation, I see the devastating effects that these kinds of drugs can have on our community members – community members who may be our children, friends, parents, grandparents. Siksikawa, as we stand united with Kainai Nation at this time, let us also be vigilant and responsible to care for our strong Nation. Our health teams are monitoring the situation closely; further updates will be provided as information becomes available.