Dr. Hinshaw honoured with a Blackfoot Name

Dr Hinshaw pictured with many of SHS’s COVID-19 Team

Siksika Health Services welcomed Dr. Deena Hinshaw to the Nation for a meeting with COVID-19 response staff and a Blackfoot naming ceremony on February 15.

Staff who were part of the Siksika Public Health COVID-19 response had the opportunity to share their stories and thank Dr. Hinshaw for her role in leading the province of Alberta’s public health response during the pandemic.

In recognition of her selfless role as Chief Medical Officer for Alberta, Siksika Health Services elected to honour Dr. Hinshaw with a Blackfoot naming ceremony.

Siksika Elder Clement Leather and Indian Residential School program coordinator Leanne Sleigh led the traditional ceremony, where she was given the name, Ksiistsikom’aakii which means Thunder Woman.

In Siksikaitsitapi culture, the sound of Thunder brings the beginning of summer, where plants and life grow, and people are brought together for the Akokatssin— the most important times of the year for us.

We thank Dr. Hinshaw and everyone who did their part in protecting our community and Elders during the COVID-19 pandemic.