Siksika Recognizes National Addictions Awareness Week

Siksika Health recognized National Addictions Awareness Week (NAAW) by hosting a banquet for the community on November 24, 2022.

The objectives for the NAAW banquet was to share our resources that were developed by Siksika Health Services. These resources can be used to help inform others, initiate important conversations or assist individuals who use substances or have a substance use disorder on their Wellness journey. The event also showcased the wellness journey of past and present clients of the Matrix program; to provide the continuous support from the Addictions program. 

Motivational Speakers:

The banquet incorporated the work that was provided by past Addictions (NNADAP) workers. A video was drafted that provided insight to the past work that was provided by the program; Butch Wolf Leg, Janice Doore and Pauline Yellow Fly, provide their experience and stories related to the past work with the Addictions Program.

We honored the work that was provide by the most recent NNADAP workers: Thurman Little Light, Eileen Black and Virginia Daniels. Their work and dedication saved lives, they sacrificed hours to support clients with support groups, transportation to inpatient treatment, transportation to detox and taking calls all hours of the day and weekends. 

The event showcased the wellness journey of 2 clients; both participants took part in the Matrix program. They are both spoke on how the Matrix program and Addiction services supported their recovery journey. 

The event honored 19 Matrix clients with a blanket ceremony to signify their wellness journey. The event brought in 100 community members.

About NAAW Week

The National Addictions Awareness Week highlights ways to address harms related to alcohol and other drugs. It provides an opportunity for people in Canada to learn more about prevention, talk about treatment and recovery, and share solutions.

The theme for the NAAW banquet was “Acknowledging our warriors from the past, present and future”. The significance of the theme was to honor the hard work that was provided from past Addictions workers, informing the community of the work that is being presently provided today and how the program will be moving forward for future services.

Basically, meeting the needs from a client perspective; incorporating the Stages of Change model for support services. The new framework for Addictions supports will support clients from stabilization-using to detoxing, to Treatment Readiness-Stages of Changes model of support, to Recovery supports-aftercare and life skills building.