Siksika Health Services Receives Palliative & End of Life Care Grant

Siksika Health Services is pleased to announce its success as one of twenty-five funding recipients of the province of Alberta’s Palliative & End of Life Care (PEOLC) Community Capacity Building Grant Program.

The new resources will enhance Siksika Health Services’ capacity to care for Siksika Nation’s palliative patients by allowing more people to receive the compassionate and culturally-sensitive care they require, without having to leave their home or community, and keep Siksika Nation families together longer.

Access to appropriate and timely palliative and end-of-life care is of critical importance. In remote communities like the Siksika First Nation, located ~100km East of the city of Calgary, this challenge is met by Siksika Health’s Home Care program, through which health professionals provide in-home care for those nearing end-of-life.

To-date, the program has run with limited capacity; this new funding will allow the existing program to: develop effective caregiver supports for Siksika Nation members in their homes and community; establish and implement palliative care education and training for community members, family, and healthcare providers; and empower more community members to receive the care they require in the comfort of their homes and community.