Siksika Hope Day Announced for Siksika Nation

Siksika Mental Health & Community Wellness HOPE Team invite you to join us on March 20 as we celebrate Hope Day—a family orientated event for the community of Siksika Nation.

This year, we are dedicating this day to be a day of Hope which aligns with the Spring Equinox. In the Blackfoot culture, this is a day of renewal and Hope, where the sun begins to overcome the darkness. This day is a movement to empower those struggling with mental health issues and recognize the importance of Hope when struggling with mental health issues.

What is the HOPE team?

The Hope Team was developed to support our Honoring Life program, which focuses on suicide prevention. The team’s focus is on providing Hope in the community. 

The Hope Team’s vision is to provide hope for those struggling during these unprecedented times. Our Hope is to promote connectedness, support anti-bullying, encourage mental wellness, reduce mental health stigma, and prevent substance misuse. Our objective is to provide friendship, encouragement, and support for community members who may be struggling and to improve access and availability to appropriate prevention services for youth who are at risk for suicide.

Why do we need HOPE right now?

The COVID 19 pandemic has put a strain on us all, both mentally and physically. Some people may have felt despair because they are unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But there is hope! 

Hope has been proven to boost a person’s well-being both in spirit and body. It is key to our existence, to our ability to persevere and to achieve goals. Research shows hope is key to our physical and mental well-being and that it can promote healthy lifestyle decisions.

Through events just like this one, an important message is shared: there is strength in the family unit which brings strength to the community.