Oki Siksikawa, a message from the Siksika Elders Lodge:

We are diligently working to provide the best care for our elder and disabilities residents at the Siksika Elders Lodge. Our priority is to provide a safe and healthy environment as well as activities to keep residents busy.

Each day there is a small group of elderly Residents that gather in the Chapel to Smudge and Pray for Siksika. They want to pass a message along to families to be strong (iikakimaat), to not feel lonely, and to listen to the rules out there for everyone’s safety and well-being.

To contact family members who are residents at the lodge, you can call 403-734-3988 /3997 or 3996.

We have set-up an email address for the Residents to be contacted on as well. We encourage families to send words of encouragement and family pictures and we may also use this to communicate the personal items requested by Residents. Please feel free to send CYBER HUGS to the Residents at SiksikaELResidents1@gmail.com. All Residents emails will be delivered only to them and kept confidential.

For any confidential info that is meant for your loved one, then we suggest that this be done via phone calls.

SEL has set up a drop box for families dropping off items. This lets us sanitize any items to protect SEL Residents and staff as a precautionary measure, in line with our Infection, Prevention Control guidelines.

For any further inquiries, please feel free to contact the Siksika Elders Lodge Team Leader Corrine (Kory) Duck Chief at 403-734-0065 or cell 403-901-9888 or via email at korydc@siksikahealth.com. Thank you to all for your continued cooperation with our safety measures in place at Siksika Elders Lodge.