Effective April 8, 2022 the Siksika Elders Lodge (SEL) was officially moved off of COVID-19 outbreak status. The Lodge had been placed on ‘outbreak mode’ on January 26, as a Resident had tested positive for COVID-19, and subsequent further spread to additional Residents and staff. At this time, SEL Residents are in good health, and outbreak status has been lifted.

COVID-19 protective measures remain in place at SEL ongoing, as is the case in congregate care centres across the province, for the health and safety of Residents, staff, family and community. Protective measures currently in place include the following:

  • Staff continue to wear masks (KN95s or N95s), PPE and face shields or other eye protection when caring for a Resident
  • Maximum of 3 visitors per Resident at this time, by appointment; masking is required, and all visitors must pass screening
  • Any visits are to be only in the Residents room or another onsite private meeting area, unless it is an outdoor visit
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes must be followed for all areas
  • Staff complete a health assessment screening, and return a negative rapid test result prior to each shift
  • Situation-specific isolation and quarantine requirements vary, depending on each Residents’ situation. Isolation and quarantine protective measures are strictly adhered to, including proper PPE procedures
  • Staff meals in separate areas from Residents, and staff refrain from using personal cellphones, personal items when in the Residents’ areas
  • Rapid Antigen Testing Kits provided to Staff, and can be picked up from SEL

Siksikawa, we invite you to join your prayers with ours as we continue to hold our beloved SEL Residents in our hearts, and we ask for cooperation and respect for the ongoing protective measures that are in place at this time. We request that all residents and their families/friends cooperate with any restrictions or guidance in place due to the pandemic.  Together, we continue to work very diligently to ensure that our Residents’ comfort and safety are at the forefront, and practice daily public health measures for continued safety.