Restrictions Reimplemented  – Effective December 28th, 2021


Oki SEL Residents, Family of Residents & Siksikawa

Re:  Siksika Elders Lodge (SEL) – Visitor Restrictions, Travel & Rapid Testing

Siksika Elders Lodge is currently following all provincial guidelines and or additional guidance as provided by the First Nations & Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) Medical Officer of Health and Siksika Health Services public health professionals, and due to the case numbers rising in Siksika. Out of precaution, Siksika Elders Lodge will now be re-implementing COVID restrictions for some visitors, and temporarily closing to other visitors. Additional processes in relation to Rapid Testing for COVID-19 will also be implemented. Please review the information below:

Visitors Information

Visitors are now restricted at SEL due to the number of cases within Siksika Nation.

Only one “Essential Visitor” per Resident will be allowed entry to SEL and only the one that is listed by the Residents or Guardians. Visits will be restricted to within the Residents’ rooms.

Visits must now be arranged by appointment only, so that Residents and Staff are provided with ample notice to prepare the Resident’s room, or an alternate room if needed, which we will be offering at SEL for safe visits.

Visitors will now be required to provide proof of vaccination and may be requested to take a Rapid Antigen test, which takes about 20 mins, prior to entry.

Effective December 28th, 2021 residents may be required to isolate upon admission or returning to SEL or when they return from overnight outings; screening procedures will be implemented. 

Rapid testing of the returning Resident and or new admission will be completed prior to entry to SEL.

Further, Residents will be monitored for symptoms over the next 3 – 7 days after returning.

Residents & Staff

Residents and Staff will continue to be PCR tested for COVID-19 on a bi-weekly basis. Rapid tests will also be utilized, followed up by a PCR test as soon as possible, dependent upon the results.

Should a Resident or Staff Member’s results return as positive, all Infection, Prevention and Control protocols will be immediately mobilized.

SEL’s regulated Staff have received training in the provision of rapid testing this evening and Security/Screeners are aware of the restrictions effective today.

Other Considerations

Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) has always indicated that the approach needs to be local, not regional, depending upon local risk, which may be different from other areas in the province.

Siksika’s cases have increased over the last week, and the numbers within the province are higher, which pose a higher risk when travelling off-reserve.

SEL will continue to encourage Residents to travel only if it is for essential needs (medical, dental or personal needs). SEL will provide support with all necessary PPE (masks, etc..) and will support families with the development of safety plans, if requested.

Thank you for your time and your cooperation is needed at this time to assist us all at SEL to continue to protect the health and well-being of our Residents and Staff.