Siksika Nation Chief and Council has passed a motion to lower our COVID-19 risk level to YELLOW-MODERATE RISK level, effective today: March 3, from its previous RED status. There is presently moderate, controlled COVID-19 activity on the Nation.

Siksikas COVID-19 Risk Scale defines risk level associated with local COVID-19 activity, and the effects that a change in level of risk will have on community gatherings and activities.

Under a YELLOW- MODERATE RISK level, the following guidance applies:
  • Community members should continue to limit both informal and formal gatherings;
  • Indoor events/meetings: maximum 1/6 of fire code capacity (see maximum occupancy examples below);
  • Private indoor gatherings prohibited-limited to household members only;
  • Postpone or cancel celebratory events;
  • Outdoor cultural/spiritual events: maximum 25 people. Contact Siksika Health Services for guidance;
  • Workplaces/businesses and schools may open, with public health measures in place;
  • Sports leagues advised to close temporarily;
  • Meetings held virtually, when possible;
  • Elders Lodge- temporary suspension of visitors.

Siksikawa should refrain from gathering indoors privately with people outside their household. Gatherings should only be permitted if the space and organization of the group activity permits physical distancing of 2 metres between people, cleaning and disinfection, and other public health measures.

Sick individuals with any type of symptom SHOULD NOT attend and/or host gatherings.

Siksikas COVID-19 Risk Level advisory is based on current situation, and is subject to change. At this time, factors that are being closely monitored by Siksikas Public Health Team include:

  • COVID-19 vaccine uptake-this will impact community spread of the virus. As people receive the vaccine, our collective immunity will increase.
  • Spread of COVID-19 variant cases across the province- an increase in cases detected may require a return to high risk level in the future.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic response, Siksika Nation has continuously maintained stricter requirements than Alberta because we have a higher risk of severe consequences in Siksika due to living circumstances, overcrowding, and the high prevalence of chronic conditions.