We’d like to request your help at this time, as Siksika Health Services teams have become extremely busy with phone calls and contacts regarding COVID-19 testing and test results. It is understandable that some people may feel anxious and want to reach out for information, however it is important to contact the right people for the right type of information, and to be patient if information is not available right away.

Information about COVID-19 test results and possible COVID case contact is provided by the CDC Team. The CDC Team will contact those who need to be contacted, and provide information such as COVID-19 test results, isolation requirements and support, as soon as possible. The CDC Team is not available to provide information about getting tested for COVID-19.

It is important that if you are contacting the CDC Team that you leave your name, contact number, and the reason you are reaching out. Please be specific, this will help the team in supporting you and your families at this time. It is also important to leave ONLY ONE message. Our CDC Team has been overwhelmed with people calling in multiple times, and has created a backlog for follow up.

COVID-19 test results can take some time to process – between 2-5 days. Please keep your phone, or method of contact close by, and be sure to pick up when potentially unknown numbers call. It may be Siksikas CDC Team calling, or AHS with your test results. And be sure to download the my digital ID app by signing up for MyHealth Records at https://myhealth.alberta.ca/myhealthrecords. MyHealth Records is your portal to accessing your medical records, and it is the fastest, most convenient way for you to access your COVID-19 test results.

The CDC Team will contact those who need to be contacted as cases or potential contacts of COVID-19 cases, to limit potential spread of the virus in our community, and we apologize for the communication delay for returning messages. Please be patient and know that the team has been working extremely long hours for more than 10 days straight at this point. Siksikawa, YOU are our priority – we see you; we hear you; we too are community members, and we will contact you if need be.

Matapiiks, thank you so much for your cooperation in this regard, and for also supporting your Siksika Health Services teams by extending a little extra patience at this time. When in doubt, stay home and be patient. We are in this together, and will get through this together.

Community members should refrain from gathering at this time, both informal social gatherings, and formal gatherings. For all inquiries regarding gatherings, events and meetings in Siksika Nation, please contact comms@siksikahealth.com