The risk level of COVID-19 spread on Siksika Nation is at a RED – HIGH RISK level. There are presently consistent new cases with unknown sources being detected, and/or an overwhelming amount of COVID-19 activity on the Nation. This change in local risk level is advised by Siksika Health Services Communicable Disease Control (CDC) Team.
Siksikas COVID-19 Risk Scale succinctly defines risk level associated with local COVID-19 activity, and the
Under a RED – HIGH RISK level, the following guidance applies:
– Siksika Nation members encouraged to stay home.
– All non-essential activities and gatherings are discouraged.
– All non-essential businesses, workplaces, and services advised to close temporarily.
– Funerals/wakes – immediate family only; contact Siksika Health Services for guidance.
– Cultural/spiritual gatherings advised to be temporarily suspended.
– Schools advised to be temporarily closed.
– Elders Lodge – temporary suspension of visitors.
– Sports leagues advised to close temporarily.
Community members should refrain from gathering at this time, both informal social gatherings, and formal gatherings.
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic response, Siksika Nation has continuously maintained stricter requirements than Alberta because we have a higher risk of severe consequences in Siksika due to living circumstances, overcrowding, and the high prevalence of chronic conditions.
Our priority is to protect Elders and vulnerable Nation members. When we protect our elders. We protect our knowledge keepers and safeguard our culture and traditions. When we follow public health guidance we keep families together, healthy and safe.