Oki Siksika,

We are very excited for our annual Run As One music festival and fireworks event taking place on August 14th at the Siksika Nation Powwow grounds.

Run As One 2.0 will be a physically distanced drive-in event, to safely bring together families and friends in Siksika Nation, and celebrate the rich history of Run As One – the longest running Indigenous music festival in Canada. Attendees are encouraged to drive-in’ within their household cohorts.

Our organizers have been working diligently with Siksika Health Services’ Public Health team to mitigate any potential risk of COVID-19 during the event. Here are some of the specific precautions that will be followed during the event:

  • Spectators are required to remain in their vehicles. Convertibles must have roof on, and there will be no off road or uncovered vehicles permitted, including quads, gators, motorbikes, bicycles, etc.
  • COVID-19 screening (questions to assess any possible health risks) will be mandatory at the Powwow ground entrance for all attendees.
  • Parking lots with assigned numbers will be given by entrance staff. The first 40 vehicles will be allowed entry, one person per seat in each vehicle.
  • Organized drive-in parking area will ensure vehicles are separated by at least 11 feet from each other.
  • Spectators will observe the event from inside their vehicles. The music festival will also be broadcasted on our local radio station, 104.7FM for those who are unable to physically attend.
  • Physical distancing will be promoted by staff, and all organizers will be required to wear personal protective equipment.
  • Signage will be visible at the event, including entrance, stations, stage, arbor and parking.
    If at any time the organizers feel as if the safety of those attending is at risk, the event will be postponed and/or cancelled.

We understand that events are not only important for social interaction, but are critical for mental health. We hope to continue to work with our public health team to ensure that we are able to meet the holistic needs of members during COVID-19. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the event organizers. Thank you.