Wed like to request your help at this time, as Siksika Health Services teams have become very busy with phone calls and contacts regarding COVID-19 testing and test results. It is understandable that some people may feel anxious and want to reach out for information, however it is important to contact the right people for the right type of information, and to be patient if information is not available right away. Please contact the following sources for information and support:

~ For information about getting tested for COVID-19 or to arrange testing if you have illness symptoms, call the COVID-19 Response Unit (CRU) at 403-734-5688. The CRU Team does not have access to information about test results, and is not able to provide this information.

~ Information about COVID-19 test results and possible COVID case contact is provided by the CDC Team. The CDC Team will contact those who need to be contacted, and provide information such as COVID-19 test results, isolation requirements and support, as soon as possible. The CDC Team is not available to provide information about getting tested for COVID-19.

~ For other COVID-19 information, contact the Call Centre at 403-734-5706, from 9am-9pm 7 days/week.

~ If youre feeling nervous or anxious and would like to speak with a Mental Health Therapist directly, call 403-734-5660, from 9am-9pm 7 days/week.

Matapiiks, thank you so much for your cooperation in this regard, and for also supporting your Health Services teams by extending a little extra patience at this time. We are in this together, and will get through this together.