Oki Siksikawa

This announcement is an update on our efforts to prevent and contain the spread of infection in the community.

As of this morning, June 12, 2020, Siksika’s Community Health Team has investigated 485 individuals since the beginning of the pandemic, with suspected COVID19 symptoms, or with contact to a COVID19 case. 442 tests have been completed on those individuals under investigation, in addition to 519 tests on people without symptoms wishing to be tested. In total, there have been 961 tests completed since March 4th. Round the clock investigations are currently underway.

To date, 7 positive individuals have been identified with links to Siksika Nation.

6 of those individuals were identified by testing carried out in Siksika

2 of those individuals are presently on reserve.

35 individuals or households are in isolation, 4 of those being off reserve.

Isolation options have been provided to 5 Nation members, including 2 off-reserve. 10 other households have also been provided with isolation supports. Our Health Services team is working diligently to contain further spread and to support all families who are affected. As the incubation period of the virus can be up to 14 days, the outcome for those who are affected may not be known for several weeks.

Siksikawa, this is a time to remain calm. This is a time to remain strong and to continue to care for and be kind to one another. It is important to let our Health Services team carry out their work. Please respect the privacy of any individuals and households who are affected. This is a time for compassion and support, not blame.

Those who are tested and who come forward should be commended and not attacked online or stigmatized. They are doing their part to protect the community. No person who was infected suspected this; they found out through testing. No person knowingly spread infection to others.

If people who have symptoms or who are contacts of those with infection are scared to come forward because their privacy may be violated or because of the possibility of cruel attacks on social media, they will be less likely to get tested and we will not be able to contain the spread of COVID19. Please do not spread rumours or misinformation on social media. This creates confusion and interferes with accurate and important information that needs to be shared.

If you get sick, stay home and arrange for testing. Testing is available by drive-thru between 10:00am-1:00pm daily, or by calling the COVID-19 Response Unit (CRU) dispatch at 403-734-3829, 7 days per week. Anyone who develops new or worsening symptoms of any kind should immediately self-isolate and get tested, even if they have had a previous negative test.

If you receive a call from a community health nurse, please listen to them – they are here to help you, support you and help contain the spread of COVID19 within the community. If they ask you to isolate yourself or the household, please listen to them. If you have concerns about being able to safely isolate at home, please let them know so that they can discuss supports and isolation options with you.

Maintain physical distance of 2 metres with people outside of your household. Wash your hands regularly, especially after contacting commonly touched surfaces.

Anyone in Siksika having trouble dealing with anxiety or emotional stress can call 403-734-5660, 9am-9pm, 7days/week to speak with a Siksika Health Services Mental Health Therapist. This is a safe and confidential service.

Updates will be shared as they are available by Siksika Chief and Council and Siksika Health Services official communications outlets.

Siksikawa, we are in this together. Please know that your health services team and the Nation are working hard to provide excellent care for the Nation, and to provide open, honest, and timely information.

#SiksikaCares #SiksikaStrong