Oki, we would like to clear up confusion regarding reports of a COVID-19 case on-reserve.

As of June 8, 2020, there are no confirmed COVID-19 cases on Siksika Nation. We can confirm at this time that some Siksika Nation members have been exposed to two separate COVID positive individuals between June 2 – 6. Siksikas CDC team was notified of the first case on Saturday night and of the second case this morning. In both cases, the team immediately responded (and continues to respond) with measures to support the affected individuals and households, to follow-up with all known exposures during the period when these individuals may have been able to spread infection, and to ask affected individuals to isolate in order to contain any spread.

If anyone needs to get tested or to isolate, they have been, or will be contacted by the Siksika CDC Team, who will continue to follow-up with all affected individuals daily.

Siksikawa, this is not a time to panic. We must remain calm and join together to support one another. Siksika has been preparing for months and we are confident in our ability to respond to potential COVID-19 cases. Please do not spread rumors or misinformation on social media. This creates confusion and interferes with accurate and important information that will come from Siksika Health Services and Chief and Council. Senior Managers should avoid taking action based on suspected COVID-19 contacts in the community without consulting with the Siksika CDC team at cdc@siksikahealth.com.

Please be patient as our public health team is working diligently to ensure those who are at risk are contacted and supported. We continue to prioritize those who may have been in close contact with any COVID-19 positive individuals, and people with symptoms. As the incubation period of the virus can be up to 14 days, the outcome of the exposures on the impacted individuals may not be known for two weeks.

Please respect the privacy of any individuals and households who may be affected. This is a time for compassion and support. Affected families should not be stigmatized.

If anyone receives a call from a community health nurse, please listen to them – they are here to help you, support you and help contain the spread of COVID19 within the community. If they ask you to isolate yourself or the household, please listen to them. If you have concerns about being able to safely isolate at home, please let them know so that they can discuss isolation options with you. Siksika Health Services will support individuals and households that are isolating with food and supplies, prescriptions, and medical care, as needed.

Please remember that if you feel unwell for ANY reason, with ANY new or change in symptoms, even if they are mild, call 403-734-3829 to contact Siksikas COVID19 Response Unit (CRU). The CRU can assess and test individuals for possible COVID19 infection in their homes, 7 days a week. The CRU also offers a drive-thru option at the tents near the ball diamonds, open 10:00am-1:00pm daily, 7 days/week.

Please refrain from contributing to the spreading of misinformation at this time; Siksika Health Services Communicable Disease Control team is working diligently to contain the spread of COVID-19 within the community. Updates will be shared as they are available; please stay tuned to Siksika Nation Administration and Siksika Health Services official communications outlets for this information.