We try our best to support people in their own home who are being tested for COVID-19, however sometimes this may not be possible. Household may lack the resources or space, or washrooms needed to safely isolate individuals who are ill. Siksika has been developing compassionate isolation options for those who cannot isolate safely at home. The Siksika Nation High School has been set up as a Compassionate Isolation Centre (CIC), for adults who test positive for COVID-19, and require necessary support to safely isolate outside of their home.

Individual rooms have been set up within the high school to ensure safe isolation, and around-the-clock medical services will be available for residents, along with food services, and access to television and internet. This Compassionate Isolation Centre launched on May 6.

The Compassionate Isolation Centre is available through a referral process, so if this is something you believe that you or someone in your household requires or may benefit from, be sure to tell the Community Health nurse when they call, following your COVID19 test.

We are doing well, Siksika ? keep doing the things that we know will help prevent the spread.