Siksikawa, we all need to start doing this, and continue doing this, in order to save lives.

We must all protect our Nation members who are at greatest risk: Elders, and those with diabetes, chronic heart and lung conditions are considered vulnerable because they are at higher risk of severe infection and hospitalization.

There are approximately 600 vulnerable individuals in Siksika. If we do not follow self-isolation and physical distancing measures, then close to 500 vulnerable Siksikawa may be infected, many of whom will become seriously ill and need to be hospitalized. BUT THERE IS HOPE! If our physical distancing is 50% effective, this number will drop to 50!

If there are vulnerable individuals in a home, limit access to anyone from outside the home. Try to provide them with their own room.

Keep anyone sick in the home away from them. Limit activities outside the home and ensure to keep 2 meters away from others, including when going for a walk, going to work, or picking up essential supplies. Everyone in the house should wash their hands often with soap and water, and keep surfaces that are touched frequently, like door handles and table tops, disinfected.

Siksikawa are a strong and resilient people. If we support one another, and follow public health measures, we will get through this emergency together, and save lives.